Monday, June 18, 2012

June Update

Why hello there, blogland! I've been pretty MIA lately. Have I mentioned that i'm pregnant? I have? Ok, good. Because it's a perfectly valid excuse. :)
Not to mention the three weddings within a month's time, my daughter's birthday, a camping trip, a week in California, and the time where I ate In-N-Out three times in one week because that is all the baby in my belly wanted to eat!

I'm here to just give a quick little update on what will be happening around here in the next couple of months. I won't be promising to post with a lot of consistency, but I DO plan on posting more often than I have been, and I've got a few ideas to share.

  • While the month is almost over, i've decided to start a pantry challenge. I did one last August, posting on my family blog, and it went really well. It's about that time again, where the cans on the back of the shelves are getting a little old and the cash flow is getting tight (insert pregnancy excuse again here). I hope, hope being the key word here, to post my menu plan once a week and at least one recipe from that menu plan during the week. I'll post more about the rules and budget in another post.
  • Easier recipes. I'm not saying my recipes now are difficult. What I mean by easier recipes is that I want to post more of the basic things. I realize a lot of people probably already know how to make mashed potatoes or buttercream frosting, but many people don't. When I first started cooking, I felt silly and sad having to search on google for things like "how to cook corn on the cob" and "cooking broccoli" but everyone has to start somewhere! I want my blog to be one of those resources for people who are starting out or who just need a quick reminder on how to make a simple pasta sauce.
  • Another hope: To at least once a month post a "Pinterest recipe." Something that i've pinned on Pinterest, and then tried out in real life. This is mostly to help narrow down my pin boards. :D
  • Upcoming posts:
    • Simple, versatile, Buttercream Frosting
    • My husband's favorite Banana Bread
    • Pantry Challenge
    • Freezer Jam
    • Fried, Smashed Potatoes (This one is only in the idea stage)
    • Homemade Gift Exchange (Remember this post?)

I've also acquired some amazingly cute kitchen stuff lately that I need to share with you all! When I find my camera charger, that is.

Ok, that's all for now! Thanks to everyone who is so patient. I know this is just a cooking blog, and just a side hobby for me, but it's been so fun to accomplish what I have so far and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to peek into my kitchen. :)

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