About Me

Hey everybody! I realize that most everyone who reads my blog already knows me, but I thought I would do a little "About Me" page anyway.
I'm Kim! That handsome man up there is my hubbers, Bradley. Those cute kiddos are Katie, my 4 year old, and Nolan who will be 2 in September! Time flies!
I live in Utah, spent the previous 3 years in Idaho (I MISS IT!!!!) and grew up for the first 18 years of my life in the wonderfully amazing and beautiful Southern California. Someday we'll head back that way.*wink wink to hubby*
I'm lucky enough to be able to stay home and raise our children, which I absolutely love. I can't imagine missing a single word, sound, facial expression, step, or even cry. These little ones make my heart melt and my soul move. It's quite incredible.
I've changed a whole lot since started this blog. While I used to be all about couponing and the thrill of the hunt, the last year and a half has been a crazy healthy journey for me. I've completely changed the way my family shops, cooks, and eats. I lost 30 pounds and we're all healthy and feeling awesome! I'm hoping to share some of our journey and favorite "real food" meals on here.
I love to cook, read, swim, and travel.
I started this cooking blog mainly as motivation for myself. I love cooking a homemade meal for my family each night, but it can be so easy to fall back on a box of macaroni and cheese or to just make spaghetti every night of the week. I wanted to change that and add some variety to our table! I wanted to try new things, make more meals from scratch, and have someplace where I can keep all my recipes rather than on crinkled and grease-stained papers stashed in a binder.
If you have any questions, PLEASE ASK! I'm an open book, really, and I try to be as helpful as I can. I'm the type of person who, if you ask me a question and I don't know it, I will do everything I can to find an answer. :)
You can email me at kimijeanopromos@gmail.com or just leave a comment on any post. :D
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