Monday, June 18, 2012

Pantry Challenge

I'm doing a pantry challenge!
Last year, I did one for the month of August and it was great! I posted about it each week on my personal family blog, which was so great because it definitely held me more accountable.
For that challenge, I limited my budget to only $100 for the whole month (crazy!) and ended up going over by about $50.
This time around, i've set my budget at $150 to spend on groceries between June 18th and July 16th.
I am also budgeting $50 for "eating out" because, well, sometimes this pregnant woman just can't resist an In-N-Out cheeseburger or bran muffin from Mimi's Cafe.

*I won't list what's on the menu for breakfast and lunch each day. We each kind of do our own thing for those meals. Breakfast is almost always cereal for me and the hubs and oatmeal with honey for the little one.  Brad buys lunch at work almost everyday and Katie and I just scrounge around the kitchen*

Here we go!

Pantry Challenge: Week 1 June 18th-June 24th

Meal Plan:

Monday- Rotini with red sauce with a side of garlic toast, and red and green grapes. Water to drink.

Tuesday- Hot dogs with a side of potato chips and carrot sticks. Milk to drink.

Wednesday- Homemade cheese pizza with a side salad and cantaloupe. Water to drink.

Thursday- Quesadillas, bean, corn, and cheese for me, chicken and cheese for Brad, with salsa and sour cream. Milk to drink.

Friday- Out to eat?

Saturday- Chicken and corn casserole over rice with fruit/veggie from Bountiful Basket on the side. Milk to drink.

Sunday- Chicken Tacos with fruit from Bountiful Basket on the side. Water to drink.

Money spent for the week:

Bountiful Basket- $47.50
  • 1 conventional basket full of half fruits/half veggies
  • 1 Mexican theme add-on pack, with garlic, jalapeno, cilantro, lime, yellow onion, green onions, grey squash, avocado and tomatillo
  • 7 dozen tortillas, which includes 5 dozen flour and 2 dozen corn
  • 5 loaves organic 9-grain bread
Smith's- $23.64 after coupons
  • 6 gallons of milk (at only $1.25 a gallon!!!)
  • 1 package of hot dog buns
  • 1 cantaloupe
  • 2 lbs of cheddar cheese
  • 1 head of lettuce
  • 1 tub of butter spread
  • 1 can of cat food (I had a free coupon)
  • 2 boxes Mac n' Cheese (impulse buy by the husband)
  • 1 4-pack Ocean Spray Sparkling Juice
  • 1 package of salami (another husband impulse buy)
Total spent so far:  $71.14
Budget remaining: $78.76

I'm not too concerned that half my budget is gone already, because I am stocked up on milk for more than the rest of the month, as well as cheese. My bountiful basket purchase will also keep me stocked on fruits and veggies for about 2 weeks, as well as enough bread for the rest of the month and enough tortillas to last a LONG time.

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