Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wooden Holiday Blocks

I know, I know. . . A craft? On a cooking blog? Especially when the last post wasn't about cooking either?
I'm sorry! I PROMISE I will post about some super yummy Bread Bowls later tonight or tomorrow morning, but for now- a craft.

I signed up for Craftaholics Anonymous' Handmade Gift Exchange and was paired up with Selena in Texas! Selena, this is a SPOILER ALERT!!! I'm about to post pictures of your gift, but it won't be in the mail until tomorrow, so DON'T LOOK! :D

I really had a hard time thinking of a craft to make! I wanted it to be useful, versatile, something that I would want, and something to go along with with this holiday season. I finally had the idea for wooden blocks. My original idea involved around 15-16 blocks, but then I realized how big that would be. And how much it would cost to ship. Sooo, I changed my mind. There are 10 blocks. The first side simply says "Halloween."
 Of course, then you just turn it a quarter turn, and it says "Give Thanks" for Thanksgiving. (Thanksgiving is a LONG word!)
Turn it one more quarter turn, and you have "Christmas!" (The lighting didn't seem to be cooperating for this picture)
I had planned on doing something New Year's related on the last side of the blocks, but my mom had to cut her visit up here short and left with her Cricut before I could figure everything out. I had cut out the letters for "Happy New Year," but I didn't have enough blocks for that! So, I left it blank in case Selena wants to choose her own holiday/word/occasion to put on the last side! Something for New Years, Valentine's Day, Independence Day or what have you. I chose these holidays because they are all so close to each other! No need to put the blocks away and get them back out! Bring out the blocks in October for Halloween. Then turn them once November hits for Thanksgiving. And then turn them again for Christmas once December comes around!
I hope you like them Selena! Thanks for being my awesome partner!

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  1. Super cute!
    Megan @ Lemon Tree Studio


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