Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mini Chicken Pot Pies

I had an idea a couple days ago. Miniature Chicken Pot Pies. After some thorough web-browsing, I could NOT find what I was looking for! Doesn't anyone know what "mini" means?! All I found were recipes for pot pies in ramekins or a regular muffin tin. No, no, no. That wasn't enough for me. I wanted these guys to be SMALL! Or should I say small. So I set out on my own, blazing the trail for teeny-tiny chicken pot pies. (I'm sure other people have made these before, but I sure couldn't find a recipe!)

Mini Chicken Pot Pies
Printable Recipe
2 Refrigerated Pie Crusts (because this was essentially an experiment, I went with what was easy rather than making everything from scratch)
About 1 1/2 Cups Cubed Cooked Chicken (I used leftover chicken from a roast i'd made a few days earlier)
1 Can Cream of Chicken Soup
1 Cup Chicken Broth (or Homemade Stock)
1 Cup Frozen Corn
1 Cup Frozen Peas
Salt and Pepper

Add your cream of chicken soup to a pot. Doesn't that look gross? Oh well.
Add your chicken broth.
Now comes the chicken!
Corn. Mmmm. I think I like white corn better than yellow corn. (Did you notice I switched to a bigger pot? Hahaha!)
Peas!!!! My favorite!!!!
Now mix it all up, set the heat to medium-low and move on. . .
At this point, you can start preheating the oven to 400 degrees. Grab a mini muffin tin. Yes, the one with the super small little cups! Also, get one of your pie crusts ready.
Roll out your crust just until it's a bit thinner. Notice anything amazingly awesome in this picture?
(A HUGE thank you to my MIL Debbie for this awesome rolling pin and pastry mat!)
So, I don't really have any cookie cutters. Instead I used a cup for the base of the pot pies and a little baby food jar lid for the top crust. :)
Get as many circles as you need. This recipe can make about 36-48 mini pot pies, so use both pie crusts, and re-roll the scraps to get as many as you need. For my little family of 2 1/2, I only made 12 pies and used the second pie crust to make two much larger pot pies in ramekins to keep in the freezer.
 Fill your mini muffin tin with the pie crusts, and then fill those up with about 1 Tablespoon of filling each. Try not to overfill them. I learned this the hard way.
 There! Aren't they so cute?! But we're not done yet!
Put on the top crusts, just kind of pinching it down around the sides. This is where overfilling can become a problem. Grab a knife and cut a couple little slits in the top of each crust.
Stick these cuties in the oven for 20-25 minutes. When they come out, it might look like a miniature pot pie massacre. Again, not overfilling can help to correct this. :D
 It's prettttttty messy.
 However, once you grab a knife and pop these guys out of the battlefield, they won't look quite so bad!
 They might actually look super, super, SUPER yummy.

Extra notes: My husband and I each ate about 5 and were full! Well, we had some side dishes as well, but these little dudes are actually fairly filling.  Our little one wouldn't touch her's at first and didn't eat a bite until after the hubs and I had finished off all the rest. Of course, she ended up loving it and probably would have eaten more, but she waited too long! I made the filling really simple, but you can easily add whatever you like! Small chunks of potatoes, carrots, onion, parsley or thyme. If you want a more "golden" looking finish, you can brush egg whites over the top of the crusts just before putting them in the oven.

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  1. I've made something similar in the past but instead of peas and corn I used a can of veg-all. Looks real tasty.


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