Friday, November 4, 2011

New toys!

I recently won a giveaway sponsored by That's It! on Facebook. I won a $50 Whole Foods gift card, but they sent me a $50 Amazon gift card by mistake. Oh well! I love Amazon too! Rather than getting anything I really needed I got some new kitchen stuff! Check out these beauties!
Like I said, I didn't really need any of things, but they will be fabulous upgrades to what I currently use!
  • I got a box grater which is 10 times bigger than the tiny pink grater I was using. I will still use my little pink one for small meals and snacks, but it will be GREAT to have a big one to shred up a big ole' chunk of cheese! Especially since my amazing parents like to bring up huge amounts for me from Cache Valley when they visit.
  • A new Pizza Wheel! The one we've had for the past 2-ish years was an extra one that my brother had laying around apartment. That he shared with 5 dudes. Needless to say, it wasn't the best quality and who knows how old that thing was. It was probably purchased at a thrift store. Haha! Anyway, this one is PINK!
  • Check out that beater blade for my Kitchenaid! There is nothing wrong with my current beater, but this one scrapes the sides! Woo!
  • I also got that pink knife you see there. Recognize it? Yeah, I already have that particular knife. I just love it so much! Not just because of it's color, but it is so sharp and cuts so well, it's amazing. I'm going to keep that one in the package for now, just in case my blog ever becomes popular and I want to do a giveaway or something. ;)

Don't worry, i'll post a recipe tomorrow. For now, it's Friday night and I just want to relax. :)
Have a great night!

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