Monday, September 19, 2016

Ikea Groceries

First day of my current pantry challenge! Yay! I will probably spend this first week using most of my $100 on things for the month, with the hope that I won't make multiple trips to stores over the next 4 weeks.

I had a lunch date planned at Ikea with a friend today, so I decided to grab a couple of things in their little market. My pickiest eater LOVES Ikea meatballs, and since we used ours up on a family dinner yesterday, I decided to grab a new bag. I also grabbed some of their frozen cinnamon rolls to have for breakfast once or twice during this challenge. I anticipate running out of milk, so we'll need breakfast options other than cereal sometimes. The little jar of wholegrain mustard wasn't needed, but it was calling my name. Whole grain and deli mustard have become cravings to me ever since I was pregnant with my third little one last year. But for $1.49, I figured it was ok. :)

Also pictured are free food I collected today. An egg from my chicken and some grapes from my grapevine. Yay for my miniscule backyard homestead!

Today's total: $14.67
Budget left: $85.33

My menu plan for the week:
(Healthier items are my meals)

B- Cereal, protein shake
L- Ikea Restaurant with friends
Snack- Fruit snacks, larabar
D- Mac-n-cheese/leftovers/smoothie bowl

B- Cereal, protein shake
L- Leftovers, Israeli chopped salad
Snack- Cheese, grapes, and watermelon
D- Fried breakfast ravioli

B- Oatmeal, protein shake
L- Chicken nuggets, smoothie bowl
Snack- Apple slices and carrot sticks
D- Popcorn shrimp

B- Zucchini muffins
L- Frozen pizza, veggie-topped flatbread
Snack- Popcorn
D- Spaghetti

B- Cereal, protein shake
L- Leftovers
Snack- Fruit leathers, pistachios
D- At a wedding reception

B- Pancakes
L- Grilled cheese sandwiches
Snack- Zucchini muffins
D- Lemon Pesto Chicken

B- Cereal, fruit
L- Nachos, burrito bowl
Snack- Granola bars
D- French toast and bacon

I have a lot of really random things in my freezer right now, so I'm planning on using up quite a bit of it these next few weeks. I also have some freezer meals I've been slowly stashing away over the last two months, so those should come in handy as well. 

Ideally, I will post recipes with the yummy things I'm eating and making. Fingers crossed!

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