Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What's for Lunch Wednesday: Fast Food :/

What's for lunch Wednesday is less about sharing new recipes, and more about keepin' it real. This is what I REALLY had for lunch today! Sometimes I slip and eat junk. Sometimes it's gourmet. This series is to not only inspire quick lunchtime ideas, but to show that we are not all perfect in eating the right thing at every single meal.

I don't always keep up on my little lunch series here, but I wanted to keep it real with y'all today. I try really hard to "eat clean" or whatever it's called now, but I'm not perfect. And some things are just worth it. So I haven't eaten McDonald's in over a year now I think, but it was Katie's little friend's birthday so we went and it really was worth it. I love the social aspect of eating out and if we get to spend time with friends, I will eat anything in the world!

I have also always been secretly obsessed with the McDonald's Monopoly game, so it was exciting to get a least a couple of pieces today.

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