Monday, July 2, 2012

Pure Komachi 2 Chef's Knife Giveaway!!!

Yes, you read that title right. I am doing a GIVEAWAY!
I've been sitting on this one for quite a while now, waiting until I could start posting more regularly.
First, let me note that this giveaway is not sponsored by anyone, I didn't receive anything for free, nor am I receiving any compensation for this. This prize came out of my own pocket and I am having a giveaway simply because I LOVE this knife and want to share it's amazingness with the world!

Let me introduce you to the Pure Komachi 2 Chef's Knife.
Yes, it is pink.
Amazing right?
Sorry if you don't like pink. It won't matter if you win this contest. You will absolutely love this knife anyway.
You may have seen this bad boy appear in some of my other posts:

Don't start thinking that this knife is only for produce though. I literally use this knife for just about everything I possibly can in the kitchen. Cutting up meat (though you have to avoid cutting up frozen meat, as it can be rough on the pretty pink color), slicing through bread, opening packages and cutting twine off a roast chicken, slicing up cheese. The possibilities are endless! Just yesterday, I used mine to hack up an enormous watermelon. She handled it with ease.
(Technically, the knife is colored so you can avoid cross-contamination, but I don't really worry about stuff like that. I just wash it really well, by hand.)

I really do LOVE this knife. Out of everything in my kitchen, it is by far my favorite. More so than my kitchenaid or my set of pink pots and pans, or even my silverware set.

The Pure Komachi 2 Chef's Knife is SO sharp! I've had mine for about a year now and it's still as sharp as the day I bought it! I have an entire knife set that we received as a wedding gift, and while I love it, I almost never use any of the knives anymore, because this one has taken center stage.

Ok. Enough gushing over the knife. Here's how to enter. :)
Simply click this link and follow the instructions!

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