Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Long time coming

     This post has been in the works, in my mind, for quite a while now. The reality is, I haven't posted on this blog for exactly one year now, and I had been trying to figure out why. Why haven't I updated when I so enjoyed this blog? I still cook for my family daily. I am blessed to have an amazing kitchen and the ability to buy the food ingredients I prefer to use. Sure, I'm busy with my two toddlers and various household projects and housecleaning and church service, etc. . . But when I am still making food for my family each day, when we still sit at the table for every meal, when I still spend an hour or more on the computer each day just checking Facebook. . . I have every opportunity to update.

     Anyway, I know the answers to these questions and have for a while, and I am here to report.

     We eat different.

     When I started this blog, we were the typical American family eaten typical American food. And that is ok. It is what most of us know, what we grew up with, and what we feel comfortable preparing. THAT IS OK. But for my family, we are different now. I made a lot of healthier changes in the past year, and it's been difficult to share recipes when I am still in the process of leaning more about nutrition and the proper way to prepare items.  I am still finding my groove in what meals work for my family and which don't. It has been an amazing ride though, and I hope to be able to share with you all as I continue. So far i'm down 20 lbs, lost weight that had been stuck since middle school (yes, you read that right), and my family is healthier than ever. Neither of my children have needed to see a doctor in over a year, and the intestinal issues my daughter had for almost a year vanished over 10 months ago after switching some items in our diet. It's been incredible and i'm excited to try and start sharing some of it.

     Excuse the dust and infrequency as I try to get back into the swing of things. This blog is still mainly my outlet for recording recipes I like or seriously love. I don't intend it to go viral or have thousands of followers. I just want a place to record and remember and maybe help someone else find something they love as well.

    So hello again!


  1. Welcome Back :) I can't wait to learn about healthier food choices.


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